Friday, January 22, 2010

Hello Sisters!
I'm really excited, I hope that you will all use this to blog and share with each of us your thoughts, fears, life, because I think this will help to keep us all connected better. Recently I lost a friend, sad enough but what it really did was make me realize what is important to me, and that is family, friends will come and go but you will always be my sisters!

The best day of my life was when I met you!


  1. Hey Sisters! I am here. Dredging through the California Rains right now... waiting for Dad to come and visit, he keeps calling me, thinking I am going to move.. Good news is that Bobby and Myself are looking for a new house to live in with the help of Tami and Scotty! My investors.. I could not be more thankful for YOU TWO Tami and Scott... wish me luck! this is going to be a good year..I am going to make it one!

  2. Hey Sistahs! For the past couple weeks, my life has been filled with Landon, aliens... er, I mean in-laws, traveling, crappy weather (although not as crappy as Trina has been experiencing), yoga, workshops and... cramps. Not necessarily in that order. Miss you all. Thank you, Tami for setting this up. Where are the rest of you?

  3. Can I please be sister? Tami, you have always teased me like a sister? Loved me like a sister...listened like a sister.......opened our hearts to each other like sisters...... My name shall be debi Shilling Horton.....the most beautiful singer in the world....oh wait...that is Celine Dion....
    Love you to bits and what a great the photo of all. Sorry I missed picture day....